Who we are

We Are
  1. Experts in African- and Adventure Travel
  2. Serious about fun – the more carefree fun you have the bigger thrill it gives us
We have
  1. More than 25 years’ experience
  2. Great guides (we don’t train them to be awesome – we hire awesome people)
  3. Passion for our great continent and its rich African culture
We Believe

We believe that a tour guide makes or breaks a tour, and therefore we invest a lot of time and training into our team members.

We believe that the only way YOU will entirely immerse yourself into the African culture, in all of its diversity, is by meeting the locals. We are local experience seekers!

We believe that teaching you some of the local language & culture will enrich your travel experience and your life!

A farewell dinner for a Great Group of Travellers!

Sidewalk Africa Travels

Our team boasts more than twenty five years’ experience in the hospitality and tourism industry in East and Southern Africa. We pride ourselves in providing uniquely trained tour guides that will not only impress with their local knowledge but will also wow you with their people skills.


Our Purpose

We make a living by transforming our love for travel and adventure into unforgettable experiences for you

Our Vision

To be the first name in African Adventure travel

Our Mission

Every day we make sure our clients are happy and having fun