Caroline Jordaan – Artist

‘Do you want that African sunset to live on forever in your home? Or get lost gazing at that magnificent watering hole surrounded by animals that took your breath away? Relive the memory of your favourite moment of the safari and brighten up your home with a reflection of Africa with an oil painting that captures the mood and emotions of your safari. Painted professionally and locally in Cape Town, South Africa, utmost care is taken to recreate your favourite memory capturing the beauty, texture, color, detail, and mood on a high quality custom made fine art canvas. Each painting is completely unique and is a piece you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

Price guideline

Most of these artworks are already sold (except those highlighted) but this will give the clients an idea what to expect in regards to pricing:

Protea Cyneroides 80 x 50 cm, Oil on canvas (something similar would be around R7000)
Three Zebras 110 x 70 cm, Oil on canvas (Something similar would be around R12 500)
Joyful fields 85 x 55 cm, Oil on canvas (Something similar would be around R10 200)
Spring 25 x 25 cm, Oil on canvas, R4500 (AVAILABLE)
Winter 25 x 25 cm, Oil on canvas (something similar would be R4500)
Namaqua kraal 102 x 76 cm, Oil on canvas (high detail level, something similar would be around R28 000)
Face of Ivory 42 x 59.4 cm , Ballpoint pen on acid free paper, R7200 (original AVAILABLE, as well as limited edition fine art prints for a lower price)
Discounted prices available for collections (example summer and winter together would be R8000 for the set)

Discounted prices available for collections. International shipping available.

For a quotation or to place an order, Contact Caroline Jordaan
email Or phone +27827062134
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